• doboprobodyne
      8 months ago

      Damn. I thought #kbin was where the cutting edge of information dissemination was, but #warThunder has a whole #wikipedia page dedicated to how it’s absolutely crushing it. Who knew #MMORPGs were the future?!

      For those who haven’t witnessed anything re. information classification or the functioning of militaries or governments or other great organs of state, I refer you to the screenwriter Jonathan Lynn’s words immortalised by the character Sir Humphrey in Yes, Minister:

      “The Official Secrets Act is not to protect secrets but to protect officials”

      I regret deeply I cannot remember which episode. I also refer you to Yes, Prime Minister s02e02 (dailymotion link) which illustrates something about leaks, and their investigation and prosecution. Not to mention how the #press works in promulgating these things! I really can’t recommend it highly enough.

      #socialMedia #memes #politics #leaks #military #journalism #war #democracy #totalitarianism #law #secrets #bureaucracy

      (boosts are most welcome, as I suspect most folks give little thought to such things beyond snap-judgements of ‘right’ or ‘wrong’)