With digital circus coming out recently I realised the 2000s game aesthetic can actually be kinda cool and endearing

It feels like games nowdays are kinda soulless and generic though, glossy and modern (Obviously except for indie games)

Will the 2020s aesthetic be microtransactions and lootboxes?

  • PonyOfWar
    6 months ago

    The 90s and 00s had plenty of terrible cash-grab video games as well. Tons of cheaply made licensed movie games or basic platformers that could be finished in 30 minutes while costing 40 bucks. For every game like Deus Ex, you had 10 games like Antz Racing. For every Mario 64 you had a Bubsy 3d.

    People will remember games like Elden Ring, BG3, Zelda TOTK and Mario Wonder from the 2020s, while quickly forgetting the cashgrabs.