Teenagers’ mathematics and reading skills are in an unprecedented decline across dozens of countries and COVID school closures are only partly to be blamed, the OECD said on Tuesday in its latest survey of global learning standards.

  • @KoboldCoterie
    65 months ago

    I learned to type playing Everquest. I could barely manage 15 WPM when I got the game, and in a year or two of playing, with no other real typing going on, I could do 100+ WPM. Schools in my area hadn’t really adopted computers in classrooms; there was a computer lab but no real computer related classes, and there were computers in the library for research, but I didn’t have any real exposure… until Everquest.

    • flipht
      15 months ago

      Same experience with EverQuest.

      I credit that game with helping me get over my shyness.