• @AVincentInSpace
    25 months ago

    All (recent) major browsers I’m aware of have software AV1 decode as standard, so the receiving end wouldn’t be a problem apart from higher CPU usage. As for encode, obviously this wouldn’t be universal – just streamers who had the computing power (hardware or software) for realtime AV1 encode would be able to take advantage of that on Twitch.

    • @Dudewitbow@lemmy.zip
      35 months ago

      the browsers have the software, but not the hardware decode step.

      software decode, especially for mobile, would be battery draining and no streaming service would realistically would use it without the userbase having hardware decode support.

      for pcs, av1 hardware decode is amd 6000 or newer, amd phoenix apus, nvidia 3000 or newer gpus, 11th Gen intel cpus or newer.

      for mobile, its only like a small portion of the phones released in the past year and a half or so.

      for iphone, the list is the iphone 15 pro max. and for the other devices, things using the M3.

      as long as the world is a mobile first mindset, theres no way theyre going to ask evwryone on mobile to take a significant battery loss just for a higher resolution stream.