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panik kalm panik meme template.
panik: accidentally saying “hubiera” instead of “habriá”
kalm: natives say it the same way
panik: they’re also wrong

help folks! Spanish subjunctives are killing me :'(

  • @black0ut
    23 months ago

    Yes, we use it. However, it’s more common to say “hubiera”. There’s no specific rule to differenciate between both, but at least in the center and north of spain we mostly use “hubiera” for first person and “hubiese” for third person.

    “Ojalá hubiera podido ir, pero tenía deberes” (yo)

    “Ojalá David hubiese venido, se lo habría pasado bien” (él)

    As I said, both options would be correct in both cases, and probably in other places they use the words differently.