Hello fellow pirates! I’m tired of having all the telegram premium ads and antifeatures in the client and I’m looking for a client that removed them even if it’s against the TOS. Any tips? I’d rather use an actual open source fork than a cracked version of the original

I’m looking for both Android and Desktop (Linux)

What I want is to remove the hateful ads in the channels and the “buy premium to unlock these emojis”, and also to be able to arrange the folders in whatever order I like, without being forced to keep the “All messages” as first

thanks in advance!

  • Southern WolfA
    86 months ago

    I don’t know if it’s the “TOS-Breaking” you’re looking for, but I’ve been using Forkgram for a while now and really appreciate the QOL improvements it has, as well as the ability to hide the Premium stuff you aren’t using.