• Mossy Feathers (They/Them)
    153 months ago

    It’s wild to me how many people have forgotten or refuse to follow basic Internet safety. People complain about privacy and then attach things to their real name. Stop that. Make up a name and use that one instead. No, don’t put your birth year in your email address. You think using a reversed version of your mother’s maiden name is real clever but it really isn’t. Stop that.

    • @FilterItOut@thelemmy.club
      3 months ago

      The infuriating issue I’m dealing with lately is the crossover between IRL and internet friends. They refuse to stop naming when typing or speaking. I don’t care that they know who I am, but there’s a reason that I want my nickname being used when we’re in a discord server and random fucking people join in. It’s even worse on forums. You go to one meetup and suddenly someone wants to make a post saying, “it was great to meet X, Y, Z, AA, AB, AC, AD, AE, AF…” using the names of the people instead of their aliases, or worse using both. And of course they took a picture.

      I blame facebook. It introduced and reinforced the concept of name=person=online to everyone.

      • @afraid_of_zombies@lemmy.world
        23 months ago

        Happens to me as well with meetup. I am in a bunch of atheist meetups and most people who go do not want their name or photo associated with it.