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  • Malle_Yeno
    73 months ago

    I’m sorry that you’ve been mobbed for sharing this view. That’s shitty.

    I feel like ableism, especially against people with intellectual and personality disability, is the one sphere where nobody seems to take the objections of the targeted group seriously, and simultaneously dismiss people speaking up for the targeted group for being “virtue signalers” or as whiners. So it’s like the only solution is to just not say anything.

    (Tangential but I have similar feelings about people calling others narcissists and attacking them for it, though I don’t feel like that is going to change anytime soon. Still, if the person targeted is actually a narcissist, then I feel like it’s bad to attack them for a diagnosis and symptoms they have no control over. And if they aren’t actually a narcissist, then why further stigmatize people with narcissism? It’s more complicated than the r-slur since abuse by narcissists happens and victims shouldn’t feel restricted from sharing their experiences accurately, but similar in how it’s disproportionately used to disparage and nobody takes objections to that usage seriously.)

    • flicker
      43 months ago

      I agree completely with your entire reply. Thanks for stopping by to share it!