• @knightly
    3 months ago

    If the choice is between complicity in genocide and saving myself the five minutes it’d take to fill out a mail-in ballot in my solid-blue state, then I’m definitely not going to bother with voting.

    Biden has every opportunity to legitimately earn my vote, but he’d rather keep selling weapons to Israel and you chose to complain to me instead of him.

    • Optional
      23 months ago

      Despite the fact that trump will be ten times - easily ten times worse for Palestine?

      Ok. Weird, but it’s your vote to throw away.

      • @knightly
        -33 months ago

        If that perspective helps you sleep at night then you’re welcome to it. Personally, I got bored with it back in 2020 when I refused to vote for Democrats after the shit they pulled in the primary.

        I don’t suppose you’d also want to hold me party to Biden’s actions in office thus far because I didn’t vote against him? XD