• @KoboldCoterie
    1061 month ago

    That’s on average 57 per day, or 3.5 per hour if we assume 16 hours a day awake. Seems likely he just automated the process somehow, or that multiple people were making reports under his name. Or he was just submitting a report every 17 waking minutes for the entire year. Who knows.

    • @GregorGizeh@lemmy.zip
      1 month ago

      Doesnt seem unreasonable, we have people here on lemmy who post and comment more than 100 times each day, also over a whole year. And I dont mean bots

    • HonkyTonkWoman
      111 month ago

      What if he was preemptively planning his complaints? You know, studying flight paths, departures, & arrivals, then just delivering 57 unique complaints each day with one phone call?

      “Look… I know Quantus 617 leaves for Houston at 5:45, the 974 at 3, 452 goes at 4:12, & the 889 heads out at 9pm.

      Yep, that’s right.

      Uh huh.

      Yes I fucking know it’s only 8am. Those flights WILL be too loud & I expect you to take my complaints immediately!”