Hello to all furries, welcome to furrywriting.

This is a little community within pawb.social for the scribes among us. For the inks and quills of the fandom. For… you get the idea: this is the place to share and discuss stories relating to the furry fandom.

Whether a story about your real experiences in the fandom, a fictional story themed around anthrophomorphic animals, or a discussion about worldbuilding for anthrophomorphic animals and its worlds, all are welcome.

But before you dive in, heed well, as our community has so called rules to follow. Scroll further down and you will see what it says.

What to Expect

What sort of contents should you post and expect to find here?

Fictional Stories

Share stories here as long as they prominently feature anthrophomorphic animals. Whether short or long, uploaded/published here or elsewhere, filled with many or only one anthros, for as long as anthro animals had plenty of relevance to the story, it should fit here.

Try to make sure the story fit within the general furry/anthro theme of this community. Other contents beside stories have different rules as seen below.

Discussions About Writing

Ask questions about the writing craft. When it comes to the nitty gritty of writing, you are not limited to only ask or give advices for furry-related stuff. You can ask general questions about the writing craft, such as grammar rules, whether to use a comma or a period, how to write a good first chapter, or things to avoid in writing.

Real Life Experiences Within the Fandom

What impact did this community have in your life? How is your experience in the last anthro convention or your last fursuit outing? Do you have any other stories to share about your experiences with the fandom in real life? Share it here!

You are not limited to just fictional stories in this community. You can also post real life experiences and anecdotes if you want to.

Discussions About Anthro Worldbuilding

How would a society filled with anthro animals look? How different would it be to human societies? What details might we miss about anthro animals? What about being covered in fur, having paws, or having a tail entails?

Discuss about the intricacies of furry worldbuilding here! Talk about the design of a world filled with anthro animals and how it would look. Talk about how a single anthro would survive in a world full of humans. Or perhaps talk about your idea for an anthro races in your story.

You can post about character design or worldbuilding detail here even if the full story isn’t primarily about anthros, as long as the design or detail have a bit of anthro elements. What matters here are the anthro elements of the story.

Poetry and Other Written Arts

Much like stories, you can share poetries and other written furry arts here. But much like stories, try to make sure the written arts fit within the general furry/anthro theme.

In summary:

You can expect the following contents in this community

  • Fictional stories
  • Discussions about writing
  • Real life experiences within the fandom
  • Discussions about worldbuilding
  • Poetry and other written arts

Additional Notes:

Anthro/furry themed fanfictions, such as fanfics of Sonic the Hedgehog, Undertale, Pokemon, etc, are allowed in this community. Though, we recommend posting these fanfictions to its own fan community first if it exists.

Post Titles

Post titles should ideally include a short flair about its contents in bracket. For example, if you upload a story, the title should look like this: [Story] The Raccoon’s Wish

The text in bracket should be based on the post’s content. For reference, this is the brackets and contents pair we recommend:

  • [Story] for fictional stories and worlds.
  • [Writing] for discussions about writing.
  • [Real Life] for sharing real life stories.
  • [Worldbuilding] for posts about furry worldbuilding.
  • [Poetry] for poetries.
  • [Promotional] for promotional contents as mentioned in rule 2 of this community.
  • [Meta] for posts about this community itself.
  • [Other] for posts that doesn’t fit the other categories.

Posts made before this post title change does not have to be retroactively edited with post titles.


01. Follow pawb.social code of conducts

Their code of conducts can be found here. In summary:

  1. No contents or conducts that are illegal in the United States.
  2. No racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, and other discrimination.
  3. Don’t stalk or harass other users.
  4. No misinformation and deceptive content.
  5. Content warning policy. For this lemmy instance specifically: NSFW content must be tagged.
  6. Do not perform pentesting without approval, do not spam or advertise, and limit the scope of automated tools (see the full code of conducts).
  7. Use the report system.
  8. Account policies, see the full code of conducts.

02. Limit the Amount of Promotional Contents

Do not spam or post too many promotional contents in a row here. Contents are considered promotional if one can’t see the full contents without paying, such as novels (which must be purchased before it can be read), books, or patron-only story.

For a general rule of thumb, ensure that there are only one promotional content every few posts when sorting the community by new. We do not want this community to be flooded by posts which only promotes paid content, as these generally do not create much engagement.

Remember that spam and advertising are not allowed as per rule 6 of this instance

03. Tag NSFW Contents

NSFW contents are allowed here, but please tag them properly as NSFW.

Note: anything erotic counts as NSFW, even if it isn’t inherently sexual. This means fatfur or hyperfur story counts as NSFW even if it isn’t inherently NSFW, given that most people probably don’t want to see it unmarked in the all feed.

04. Negative Conducts are Only Allowed in Fiction

This community allows stories that contain negative conducts, even if it explores topics such as transphobia, homophobia, discrimination, bullying, violence, et cetera, as long as:

  • The negativity is kept completely fictional (don’t do all of the above outside of fiction to another user).
  • The story doesn’t promote or encourage such conduct.
  • The story doesn’t paint such conduct with positivity.
  • The moral value of the story doesn’t support such conducts.

After all, stories are a great way to explore and express negative topics (think of stories such as Animal Farm by George Orwell).

But, when posting stories or ideas with negative conducts as mentioned above, please place content warning within the post title and body text. For example:

  • [Story] [TW: Transphobia] Another Gender, Another Species
  • [Story] [TW: Violence] The Lone Wolf

Fictional discrimination, such as discrimination against anthro by humans, doesn’t require content warning.

05. Posting Stories Made by Other People

You are allowed to post stories, ideas, or worlds made by other writers aside from yourself, as long as:

  • You don’t repost the story directly here by copy pasting. Instead, link the story’s page in your post.
  • We encourage you to write a little summary or review in the post’s body explaining the reason you recommend the story here.
  • Make sure the artist wouldn’t mind. Do not post stuff under a DNP or if the writer explicitly states not to repost their content. This includes content behind a paywall.
  • Do not spam or overwhelm this community with stories made by other writers.

06. Avoid Posting Exteme Contents

The following things are not allowed in any stories, world, and ideas uploaded or mentioned here. They are not allowed even with content warning:

  • Stories which spread misinformation or propaganda.
  • Extreme violence, torture, sadism, and non-consensual stuff.

In Summary:

  1. Follow pawb.social code of conducts.
  2. Limit the amount of promotional contents
  3. Tag NSFW contents properly
  4. Negative conducts are only allowed in fiction and put content warnings on them
  5. Read the full version of the rules for posting contents made by other people
  6. Avoid posting misinformation and extreme contents