This is a community for memes about transformation related tropes. Lemmings edition.

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01. Follow code of conducts

Their code of conducts can be found here. In summary:

  1. No contents or conducts that are illegal in the United States.
  2. No racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, and other discrimination.
  3. Don’t stalk or harass other users.
  4. No misinformation and deceptive content.
  5. Content warning policy. For lemmy specifically: NSFW content must be tagged.
  6. Do not pentest, spam, or advertise, and limit the scope of automated tools (see full code of conducts).
  7. Use the report system
  8. Account policies, see full code of conducts.

02. Be Civil

  • Don’t be a jerk or a troll
  • No transphobia, homophobia, queerphobia, slurs, or kinkshaming.
  • No overly political memes. We don’t have the resources to moderate them (and I don’t think there are many political contents that could fit within tf_irl’s theme).
  • Try to avoid debates. This is a meme community, not a debate one.

03. NSFW contents must be marked as such

NSFW memes are allowed, but please mark them properly.

04. No spam or excessive reposts

As for reposts, as a rule of thumb, wait at least two months before reposting and avoid reposting stuff in this community’s Top All Time feed.

05. No IP grabbers or link shorteners

Embedded submissions and media should only link to trusted sites directly, so no or other link shorteners.

06. Put content warning for potentially triggering contents

For example:

  • [CW: Violence] Post Title
  • [CW: Guns] Post Title
  • [CW: Hypnosis] Post Title


01. Posts should be titled tf_irl

The underscore can be replaced with emojis. The word tf can also be replaced as long as it fits the general theme (though, this may not fit within the spirit of _irl community too well).

Examples of titles:

  • tf_irl
  • tf🦝irl
  • tf_raccoon_irl
  • puro_irl

02. Keep everything in topic

This community is for memes and humors about transformation related tropes. If you have something related to transformation but it isn’t memes nor humorous, you can upload it on ! or !