• @LordAmplifier
    255 months ago

    hugs you There, there. I’m not good at finding the right words to comfort others, but don’t worry too much about OP’s meme. Yes, there are many people who have these kinds of thoughts, and they deserve all the love, but memes like this are often a kind of preemptive measure: joking about things like this can be a way to cope with an unpleasant situation, declining mental health, and other issues people face in their lives. And when they’re not preemptive, then sharing such memes and be a way to reach out, to connect with others, and to feel less alone. Even when you’re feeling great, when you’re in the “let’s fucking gooo” zone, it can be relieving to joke about being in the sad zone. I think it’s important to take care of and to check on each other, and I often see people ask the OP of depressed memes whether they’re okay (and that tells me that there are so many beautiful souls in this community), but there are many reasons to posts memes like this, so unless there is a good reason to do so, there is no need to panic <3