When the steel path essence is farmed, when those worthless silver arcanes from netracell are gotten, and when you’ve had your rewards from the circuit, what’s something that you end up doing?

I’ve always been kinda bad at catching up and farming “old” stuff, but I’ve eventually gotten LR1, and just don’t really know what to do with myself after the usual few farms.

Therefore, I’m fancily asking for suggestions :p

  • @LapGoat
    55 months ago

    pick an unmastered weapon/frame and grind for it

    pop relics for unowned prime stuff or ducats for baro

    Make a niche build. I like invigorating frames I havent forma’d/potatoed and making a decent build, then its more likely I have a decent frame for circuit.

    steel path star chart, standing in various factions(vent kids, simaris)

    hop in the recruiting chat and help out some noob thats asking for help. I like giving them a few of the galvanized mods from arbitrations to help them make better builds a bit sooner.

    or find a different hobby. maybe grind for mastery in the real. lift a weight or learn a skill.

    • @Xideta@ani.socialOP
      25 months ago

      You bring up a good point in the Galvanized mods, easy for us to get, but very hard for new players. Also with the IRL stuff, but I often feel that “Two weeks of focus and then interests shift”. But, could always just try code something in those two weeks :p